Importance of Training Needs Analysis to the Effective Design of Training Activities

A sound Training Needs Analysis 

is very crucial to the effective of training activities (Arthur et al. 2003). The authors point out that it is imperative to understand what are the organizational needs, what are the requirements to be fulfilled, what will be the contents of the training, who needs to be trained, which are indispensable for designing the training programs effectively. Buckley and Caple (2007) indicate that TNA makes it possible to identify employees’ current and future needs and help design training programs that fit and satisfy their needs. Continue reading


The Significance of 360 Degree Appraisal in Performance Management

360 Degree Feedback is a system, which gives information regarding behaviors, competencies, performances, and relationships of the people working within an organization(CIPD, 2008). 360 degree feedback accumulates performance related data of the individual, groups and teams from a variety of sources (stakeholders), the feedback of which is used to evaluate their performance against the standards (Ward 1997). Continue reading